Solid Dose Solutions

An extensive range of solid dose packaging solutions covers most needs in the self-select and OTC markets.

With the ability to develop existing standards and a flexible approach to our customers’ requirements, M&H Healthcare can supply innovative and stylish solutions for screw, tamper-evident, childproof and combination closures. Our state of the art equipment allows for flexible order quantities and efficient lead times.

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Syrup, General Liquids, Dropper & Spray Solutions

M&H Healthcare deliver over 600 million liquid bottles to the global health market each year.

This experience ensures that your products will be safely and securely packaged using cost-effective and market-led designs. Our in house quality teams ensure that each bottle meets the exacting criteria for liquid filling.

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Creams, Gels & Ointments

M&H Healthcare produce a comprehensive range of packaging for cream, serum and gel applications suitable for use across a wide range of viscosities, most notably in the derma care field.

Complemented with a comprehensive array of pumps and dispensing closures to deliver appropriate doses, we will work with you to provide an optimal solution to your needs.

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Hygiene Solutions

M&H Healthcare provide a market leading range of hygiene packaging solutions including hand-sanitisers and general cleansers for small-scale or bulk use.

Drawing on many years of experience in this market, our extensive range is fully adaptable to your needs.

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Powders & Granulate Solutions

M&H Healthcare provide a comprehensive range of flexible packaging to assist with powder based health products.

Offering a large range of both dispensing caps and accurate dose delivery as well as capacities, we can provide you with the most appropriate powder delivery system for your portfolio.

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